9 Reasons To Consider Virtual Office For Your Business [In 2022]

Virtual Offices are a popular choice among entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, and even big companies. Virtual offices have so much to offer to fulfill all your business requirements and that is why virtual offices are being used more than ever before.

Working culture is rapidly changing around the globe. Companies are shifting towards flexible working systems and allowing their employees to work remotely.

This shift is majorly happening because of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. When all of us were stuck in our homes, the business industry didn’t have any choice but to create systems to work from home.

And a virtual office is the best option to set up a remote business or to add flexibility to your business.

I have compiled a list of 9 points that state why you should consider a virtual office for your business. Let’s dive in…

Statutory Registrations

Every business needs to be registered in order to come into existence. You can surely start a remote business without the need of a physical office but you certainly need some office address to register your business.

Virtual Office For GST Registration

Every business required certain registrations or licenses for its operations. Even for a remote business, you have to complete the legal formalities and take the required registrations.

So, either, you have to take a physical office space and pay huge securities and monthly expenses or, you can use your home address to obtain the registrations. But again your home address is not a commercial address and for some specific registrations, a commercial address is mandatory. Even if you can take registration at your home address, it is not a good idea. No one wants to use their home address for taking registrations and use it on several online places.

But with a virtual office, you can obtain all the registrations required for your business. When you opt for a virtual office, you get a set of documents —

  • Rent Agreement
  • NOC
  • Latest Utility Bill

With the help of these documents, you can obtain all the statutory registrations including ROC Registration, LLP Registration, GST Registration, etc.

Eliminate Costs & Expenses

Cost Cutting With Virtual Office

A virtual office can reduce your costs and cut down your expenses to a great extent. We are well aware of how difficult it is to set up office space and that too when you’re starting with your own capital.

You need to pay huge security deposits, monthly rentals, electricity bills, infrastructure and furniture costs, and other fixed expenses.

Even after setting up your business, you need to have a good financial backup because when you start a business, it is very difficult to generate enough revenues to meet the expenses in those initial months, let alone make profits.

If you don’t have a strong financial backup, you won’t be able to sustain yourself in the market and end up winding up your business.

This is where a virtual office has an upper hand. A virtual office is a cost-effective solution and involves just a fraction of the cost. Just by paying a few thousand bucks, you can take virtual office services to set up your business. It is a one-time payment for the whole year with no hidden charges and you don’t even need to pay security deposits.

So this way, you don’t need to spend a lot at the time of setting up your business and you can use that money in your operations.

Advantage of Premium Locations

With the help of virtual office space, you can set up your business in the most premium locations in the city.

Every businessman wants to set up their business in good premium locations. The premium locations have their own benefits. It creates a good impact on your customers and enhances your brand value if you’re based in some good location.

But it is not a piece of cake to set up your business in any good location.

For example, Connaught Place, one of the most premium locations in the country. Who would not want to set up their business there?

It will give your business better visibility and exposure, enhance your brand value, help you build a great network, and much more. But we all know how expensive is Connaught Place. And especially for startups, it becomes extremely difficult.

But it doesn’t mean you cannot set up your business in Connaught Place or any other good location. In almost all the good locations, virtual office options are available. At FlexiSpaces, we are offering virtual office options in good premium locations across the country, and that too at the most affordable prices.

And, since virtual offices are cost-effective, now you can set up your business in any prime location suitable for your business without worrying about the capital. With virtual offices, anyone can easily afford all the good locations to set up their business.

Check out the below comparison between the cost of setting up physical office space and taking a virtual office in Connaught Place.

Comparison between virtual office and traditional office

Mail Handling Services

 When you opt for a virtual office, you get mail handling services. This means all your physical mails are handled by your virtual office provider.

Mail Handling With Virtual Office

Your virtual office works as your business correspondence which you can use at all places. This means all your letters, couriers, parcels, etc. will be delivered to your virtual office address.

Many companies take virtual offices just to use mail handling services. Especially for remote workers, a professional mailbox is a much-needed requirement.

At FlexiSpaces, we understand that some documents are very important and need to be treated urgently without any delay. That‘s why we provide real-time courier notifications to our virtual office members.

As soon as we receive your couriers, we will inform you so that you don’t miss out on anything. You can collect them by yourself or you can ask us to forward your couriers to you. We don’t just hand over your couriers to anyone who visits to collect on your behalf. First, we get the confirmation from you and log that person’s details in our system, then only we hand over your couriers. So, you get to know who collected your courier on your behalf in real-time.

We make sure to provide you with instant courier notifications and safeguard all your couriers through our organized courier management system.

Access to On-Demand Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms Access With Virtual Office


The concept of on-demand meeting rooms is gaining popularity nowadays. Since companies are shifting towards flexible working systems and constituting remote working culture, online video meetings are also trending.

Almost all the companies are using software for online meetings.

But online meetings cannot create the impact which could be created by physically meeting your clients or business partners. Physically meeting your customers creates a connection and a sense of understanding which is very important in business.

So, you have to meet your customers in some cafes or coffee shops if you want to meet them physically. Yes, you can meet your customers in coffee shops but it just doesn’t seem professional.

Asking your customers to visit your office for a meeting is much better than online meetings or meetings in coffee shops.

A virtual office gives you access to meeting rooms which you can book whenever you need them. You just need to inform your virtual office provider about your timings and your slot will be booked. Yes, it is that simple.

All these meeting rooms are designed with beautiful infrastructure and equipped with all the modern technologies to fulfill all your needs. So now, you don’t need to go to coffee shops to meet your customers instead you can ask them to come to your virtual office.

Professional Communication Address

Most remote workers take virtual offices to use as their communication address. Virtual offices are located in good locations with the most professional designs.

Doesn’t matter where you work from, but it is important to have a good communication address for any business. A professional communication address gains trust and authenticity easily.

You can use your virtual office address as your communication address and use this address on all the places and platforms for all your communications and also share it with your customers, business partners, suppliers, etc.

It becomes very easy for entrepreneurs who are just starting their business or at the initial stages. They can a virtual office in any good location and use it as their official business address for all types of communications. It also increases the credibility of their business.


 A virtual office is a fully flexible and customized office solution. They are much more flexible than traditional offices.

You can choose a virtual office plan as per your requirement. If you need to obtain ROC Registration, you can choose your plan for Virtual Office For Business Registration and if you need it just for mail handling you can choose it for mail handling only.

It offers you total flexibility. So you only pay what you use for.

Unlike a traditional office, when you opt for a virtual office plan, you don’t need to sign for long-term leases and get into long-term commitments. And more commitments mean more liability.

You can simply take virtual office for one year and renew it again after one year and again for another year and so on. It frees you from risks.

Also, with a virtual office, you’re not bound with the working hours or working days like a traditional office. You can work anytime you want on your own terms. You can take frequent breaks and make your working schedule flexible. It also creates a work-life balance and leaves you and your employees stress-free.

This is one of the reasons why most startups and freelancers take virtual offices.

Helps In Expansion

Virtual offices are the best and easiest way to expand your business to a second location. 

Business Expansion With Virtual Office


Business expansion is very important for any business to keep growing. If you don’t expand your business at the right time, you can miss out on many opportunities which you could have grabbed.

But expanding your business to any second location is like setting up a new business. Again you have to pay security deposits, monthly rentals, and other expenses for your second location.

But if you expand your business using virtual offices instead of traditional expansion, it becomes quite easy.

As I mentioned, a virtual office is a very cost-effective office solution and fulfills all your business requirements, you can take virtual offices in multiple locations to expand your business presence and that too without spending much.

Wider Talent Pool

Wider Talent Pool With Virtual Office


With virtual offices, you get access to a wider talent pool.

Let me explain.

When you opt for a virtual office, you get to work from anywhere you want and you also allow your employees to work remotely.

This means that you’re not dependent on office space. So this way, you have the freedom to hire employees from different cities and even overseas.

Nowadays some specific skill sets like developers & designers are high in demand.

Now, let’s say you’re based in Bangalore and you want to hire a developer.

Traditionally, you would have looked for a developer based in Bangalore only. Since Bangalore is the startup hub of the country and home to headquarter of many companies, developers are high in demand. So you will have to pay on the higher side to hire a developer for your company.

But, since you’re using a virtual office and not dependent to hire a developer from Bangalore only, you can look in different cities and overseas as I mentioned above. You can filter from so many options.

So this way, you have the freedom to look for the best developers around the globe and hire them on your terms.

So, this was it for this article today.

I believe all the above points are more than enough to explain why you should consider a virtual office for your business.

Let me know in the comment box which of the point above meets the needs of your business.

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