Why Should I Opt For Virtual Office Over A Traditional Office?

Many of you must be thinking about how a virtual office can replace the traditional office setup. Is it really a wise decision to start your business with a virtual office or move from your traditional office to a virtual office?

Many people think that virtual office is for those who don’t have much capital to invest in having a physical office or those who are just starting their business and don’t want to spend much. But it is no longer the scenario. Nowadays more and more businesses are opting for virtual offices and moving from traditional physical offices to virtual offices completely. Recent trends show that it is a smarter decision to opt for virtual offices.

Why Not Traditional Office?

Traditional Offices are outdated. Who would want to work from a traditional office space when work from home or remote working is trending.

It is a myth that people who work from home don’t do any work or flexible working isn’t productive. Research shows that remote working is even more productive if you follow certain measures to avoid communication gaps.

Also, traditional offices are mostly built in a very boring way with stubby cubicles and poorly lit spaces. Such an environment just can’t increase the productivity of your employees.

And not just about the working environment, traditional offices involve many high costs and solid commitments -

  • You have to sign for long leases which means long commitments.
  • You have to pay huge monthly rentals.
  • And not just monthly rentals, there are so many other expenses like electricity, maintenance, internet, office stationery, etc.
  • Flexibility is zero. You can’t move or vacant space if your lease term is not expired yet.
  • Doesn’t matter if your team size grows or reduces, you only have that same office space and you have to manage in that only.

Why Virtual Office?

Virtual Office In Netaji Subhash Place

The whole point of opting for a virtual office is to set up your business in a good location with all the facilities and amenities required by a business without spending much money. A Virtual office is a fully flexible office solution that you can use as per your requirements. A decade ago, the virtual office was just a concept in the Indian market but now it has made its place and many big companies are already using the virtual office services in many ways.

It also helps you in getting all the required registrations so that you can set up your business which makes it the perfect alternative to the traditional office as it fulfills all its purposes.

Let’s look into a few most useful advantages of virtual offices -

Cost Cutting To An Extreme Level

With a virtual office, you can cut down your office cost to an extreme level. You don’t have to pay huge monthly rentals and other overhead expenses. It is just a fraction of the cost which you have to pay as subscription fees when you sign for a virtual office. There are no hidden charges or any other amount which you have to pay in between your term. This subscription fee is a very nominal amount that anyone can afford and you will be more than happy to pay it against the services you get.

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Advantage Of Premium Location

A good premium location always adds up to your business. It builds the reputation of your business and makes it authentic among your clients. Since many big companies are operating from most premium locations in the city, it helps you build a great network of professionals by setting up your business among them. When you opt for a virtual office you get to choose any premium location where you want to establish your business which you couldn’t afford otherwise. You don’t have to worry about how expensive the location is. You can choose from the most premium locations.

Helps In Expansion

Even though your business is growing at a good pace and you are generating revenues, it is not easy to expand your business to any second location. It involves a lot of capital to make an expansion plan. Also, you need to check out the locations where you want to expand. This location should be good enough to suit your business and attract your customers. A virtual office is the best solution if you want to expand your business to a second location. You can choose any good location which suits your business and you can take a virtual office there and you are good to go. As we know, opting for a virtual office involves very less cost comparatively so it becomes easier to expand your business to any second location.

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Virtual offices offer super flexibility compared to a traditional office space. You don’t need to commit to long leases and pay huge security deposits. You can move out anytime you want and shift to any other location you want. Especially for startups and small businesses where things don’t always go as planned, it becomes super useful to have such flexibility.

Growing Culture Of Remote Working

The culture of remote working is growing rapidly. The biggest companies in the world are allowing their employees to work from home. Working remotely doesn’t only give you more freedom but also reduces your stress level and makes you more productive. In such times, when remote working is trending, why opt for a physical office. A virtual office gives you access to work remotely. You can work from anywhere you want. It saves a lot of time and money which you would have spent commuting office daily. And whenever you need to meet your clients or business partners, you can always use your virtual office.

Hope this information was helpful to you and makes it clear why virtual offices are the perfect alternative to a traditional office space. Let us know of any virtual offices regarding queries at vo@flexispaces.com or +919899990277.

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