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Now Get Notified When Your Courier Arrived

All the users who subscribed to the virtual office face a similar problem of tracking their courier delivery. Some get problems with getting a delay by the courier, inappropriate information about delivery of the courier, courier getting misplaced or lost, etc.

But we found the solution to this problem.

FlexiSpaces Introduce a new feature where you can track all the information related to your courier and it gets you notified automatically.

Following are the step by step description of how can you use this feature:

1. Whenever your courier received to the virtual office provider, it will send you a notification on your registered email id in real-time. (as shown in the image below)

2. When you click on the notification, it will provide all the details related to your courier. Even it will show you who receives the courier, the courier image, and what’s in it. (Take a look at the video to see how it works)

3. See, this is how the feature will simplify your courier tracking task easy.

From now on, don’t miss any notification from your virtual office and get real-time information from flexispaces feature.

You can learn more about this feature and how it can get personalized for your business by contacting us.

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