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Get Meeting Room For Free By Using FS Credits

We are introducing the virtual office credits as complimentary to anyone who buys our virtual office spaces. So, the question arises is what is FS credits and how it benefits you.

This is why this post has been created. So, let’s find out!

How FS Credits Work

What is FlexiSpaces Credits:

FlexiSpaces credit is our virtual coin that helps you to book any meeting rooms and day pass in various cities without paying anything (real money). It also introduces various packages where you can buy meeting room credits for a longer duration at heavy discounts and utilize when you want to use the space.

When you buy our virtual office services from, we assign you free FS Credits according to the plan you choose. Then you can use these free FS Credits to book meetings and day pass in the available location.

Following are the step by step process of how can you book a meeting room from the FS Credits:

  1. Download and Open FlexiSpaces app, You’ll see list of the meeting rooms available in your area. Choose anyone according to your preference.

2. After choosing the meeting room & the location, select the date & time you want to visit and how many hours you’ll spend there. You can see the coin symbol that describes the coin requires to book the meeting room per hour. This is where you can use your FS Credits we assigned to you. After using the FS Credits according to your need, click on the “Book Now” button.

Confirmation of Booking Metting Room Successfully Screen

3. Voila, you’ve successfully booked your meeting room using FS Credits. You get the confirmation mail to your email account as well.

How It Can Benefits You:

FS Credits benefits you to book a meeting room for free according to the number of credits you assign to book a meeting room and its size and the hour you want to spend. Initially, 10 credits are provided to you for free as complimentary with the virtual office.

How Credit Works:

The following image gives you the idea of how FS credits work when you book meeting rooms and how it varies in the number of seats.


If you are booking a 8 seater meeting room from 12pm to 2pm on coming Friday, you will be billed:

2hr x 2 = 4 Credits

If you are booking a 4 seater meeting room from 10am to 1pm on coming Wednesday, you will be billed:

3hr x 1= 3 Credits

This is how you can benefit from FS Credits which is complimentary for you when you get our virtual office services.

We hope the customers find useful this feature and get benefited.

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