Can A Virtual Office Be Used As Registered Office?

virtual office is an office solution that gives the maximum advantage to businesses. But can a virtual office be used as a registered office?

It has been a long debate on whether you should opt for a virtual office or traditional office space. Both have their own advantages and both can be used by businesses as per their requirements. We know that a traditional office can be used as a registered office. But can a virtual office be used as a registered office?

Well yes, it is one of the advantages of virtual offices that they can be used for obtaining statutory registrations i.e., it can be used for incorporating a company, obtaining LLP registration, GST registration, and other registrations and licenses as well.

Documents Required For Business Registration

For business registration, there are certain documents that you need to submit to the authorities. Whether you are applying for ROC registration, LLP registration, GST registration, or any other registration, you need to submit the below documents -

Documents of directors

  • PAN Card (For Indian Nationals)
  • Passport (For Foreign Nationals)
  • Address Proof
  • Residential Proof

Documents of shareholders

  • The identity and address proof as detailed in the article for all the shareholders of the Company (i.e., subscribers to the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA).

Documents for registered office

  • If you own the premise - documents in support of ownership proof, latest electricity bill, latest property tax receipt, or municipal khata copy.
  • If the premise is rented/leased  —
  1. A copy of the valid Rent/lease agreement
  2. Any document in support of ownership proof like the latest electricity bill copy, latest property tax receipt, etc.
  3. NOC (no objection certificate) from the owner of the property.

How Can A Virtual Office Be Used As Registered Office?

Virtual Office For Business Registration

When you opt for a virtual office, along with all the benefits, you can also use your virtual office address as your registered office address. Your virtual office provider provides you a complete set of documents with the help of which you apply for business registration. You get the below documents -

  • Notarized Rent Agreement
  • Notarized NOC
  • Latest Utility Bill Copy

A rent agreement is a formal agreement between you and the owner of the premises. It states the term of the agreement, rent amount, and all the terms and conditions.

NOC (No Objection Certificate) is a document which states that the owner has given you permission to use their premises for obtaining statutory registrations.

A copy of the utility bill works as address proof.

So, with the help of all these documents, you can apply for business registration and get it done without any complications. This is one of the many advantages of virtual office space.

What To Look For In Your Virtual Office?


Location is the first thing that comes to your mind while starting any business. When you are looking for a virtual office, you should always consider a good premium location. This location should be good enough for your business and able to help your business grow. With a good location, you can not only grow your business but also makes connections and networks of professionals.


The concept of virtual offices has grown rapidly in recent years. There are so many virtual office providers available in all the major cities. Before making a final call, look for the options available. You can surely find some good virtual office spaces at very reasonable pricing due to increased competition.

Legitimacy And Sustainability

Always check the background of your virtual office space and virtual office provider. Verify that the virtual office company is there for a long period of time and not some fly-by-night company. It should have positive customer reviews.  Companies Registered At Your Virtual Office

It’s a known fact that a virtual office is used by several companies for obtaining registrations. Since you are going to share the same space with various companies, you must check about the companies already registered there or using the services there.

SEO Ranking

These are digital times. Today, companies are generating more revenues online than through offline mediums. Whether a small business or a big enterprise, it is a must to have a good online presence. If you also want to build a good online presence of your company or list your business on Google My Business, you should check the SEO ranking of your virtual office.

Renewal Terms

You don’t want to change your registered office after a short period of time. It is not good for your business reputation. You should thoroughly check the renewal terms of your virtual office plan since you want to use it for a longer period of time.

Other Facilities

Virtual Offices has a lot to offer. Not just registrations, but a virtual office can fulfill almost all your business requirements. Be it from mail handling services to access to meeting rooms, a virtual office offers everything. Check out all the services which your virtual office offers. If you need something extra, ask for it from your virtual office provider, they may ask you to pay a bit more but it is something you can pay for.

FlexiSpaces has virtual office options in all the major cities and that too at a very reasonable price range. We help you in all ways to get your registration done without any complications. Our centers are located in good locations and built in modern infrastructure. We provide all the facilities which will help you grow and reach heights.

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