Virtual Office V/S Traditional Office. Which Is Best For You?

There has been a long-standing debate on which is the better office setup - Virtual Office or Traditional Office.

In recent times we have seen that many companies are opting for virtual offices to fulfill their requirements. But it doesn’t mean that a traditional brick and mortar office setup is a bad choice or not required anymore. Both the office setups have their advantages and disadvantages.

It totally depends on your business’s nature and operations, which will decide whether you should opt for a virtual office or a traditional office space.

If your work can be done online and you can interact with your customers through email and video meetings then you should surely consider a virtual office but if your business demands to meet your customers physically and you need to interact with your employees in person, then a traditional office is best for you.

We are gonna talk about a few important factors that every business owner keeps in mind while setting up an office. Let’s check out which one is best for you - Virtual Office or Traditional Office.


A good location is very important for any business. It should be suitable for your business and able to add maximum value to it. If you choose a premium location, it can boost the reputation and authenticity of your business.

A good premium location is also very helpful in building a good network of working professionals. But it is not an easy task to set up your office in a premium location. Because premium locations involve premium costs.

Setting up a traditional office in a premium location involves very high costs and not everyone can afford it. You have to pay huge securities, monthly rentals, maintenance expenses, electricity expenses, internet bills, etc. Unless you’re a big company or funded by investors, it is very difficult to set up a traditional office in a good location.

On the other hand, it is very easy to set up your business with a virtual office. At FlexiSpaces, there are a lot of virtual office options available in almost all the premium locations across the country.

You can choose any premium location for your business and after a few formalities and paying a few thousand bucks, you can use your virtual office address as your official business address.

So, with a virtual office, it becomes quite easy to set up your business in the most premium locations comparatively.


Capital is the main factor that decides everything while setting up your office.

Location of your office, how big your office is going to be, the infrastructure and furnishing of your office, and all the modern technologies are all decided by the capital you have.

If you have good capital you can spend a good amount on setting up your office. You can furnish it with all the fancy infrastructure and equip it with all the modern technologies.

But if you’re short on capital and especially those who are starting their business on their own capital, it is extremely difficult to set up a traditional office. And it is not just about setting up your office. Even after you manage to set up your office, you have a keep a good financial backup to sustain in the market for initial times. Because is it very difficult to generate revenues in the starting few months.

But a virtual office is a cost-effective solution and involves very little cost comparatively. Just by paying a few thousand bucks, you can set up your business. It is a one-time annual payment and you’re all set. No security deposits, no monthly rentals, or any other expenses.

This is one of the reasons why startups and freelancers prefer virtual offices over traditional office setups.


A virtual office offers more flexibility compared to traditional offices.

At the time of setting up your office, you don’t need to pay huge securities and commit to long-term securities. A virtual office can be fully customized as per the needs of your business.

And you pay what you use for and nothing extra unlike a traditional office, where you have to pay maintenance cost and internet bills doesn’t matter whether you’re in your office or not.

In a traditional office, there are so many commitments involved. And higher commitments mean higher risks.

You have to commute to and from your office daily to do your work. You are bound with your office space.

But in a virtual office, you can work from anywhere you want, you don’t need to commute to your office daily. It saves a lot of time and money and also leads to less stress and more satisfaction for your employees. If your employees are happier, satisfied, and working in their own space, they tend to be more productive.

Flexibility is one of the main reasons why virtual offices are being used more and more nowadays.

Client Interaction

Client interaction is a very important aspect of any business. It can be meeting in person, over the call, or video meetings.  Since a virtual office is not your physical office space, you cannot meet your clients in person there. Even though you get access to meeting rooms with your virtual office, but if your business requires you to meet your clients very often, a virtual office might not suit you.

But in a traditional office space, you are available all the time in your office. You can invite as many clients as you want. You can have long fruitful meetings. Since it is your own physical office space, there are no restrictions, you can use it on your own terms.

This is why traditional offices can’t be avoided completely. Yes, virtual offices give you complete business solutions and also provide meeting rooms access but still, if your business requires your presence in the office all the time, a traditional office setup is your answer.

Team Collaboration

This is where the traditional brick-and-mortar office setup shines most. In a traditional office setup, you and your employees come daily. They meet each other regularly which leads to increased collaboration. And when people are working together they tend to be more innovative.

But with a virtual office, you don’t meet with your team member frequently. Although, there are various online tools with the help of which you can stay connected with your team all the time.

Nowadays, when the remote working culture is trending, most companies are opting for online tools to stay connected with their employees. But again, physical interaction is much powerful and effective than online video meetings.

But some companies still prefer their employees to work from the office.

You may recall Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s ban on working from home. She indicated that her main concern was decreased communication. At a conference she said -

“People are more productive when they’re alone, but they’re more collaborative and innovative when they’re together. Some of the best ideas come from pulling two different ideas together.”

We can see that a virtual office can pretty much fulfill all your business requirements but again it’s totally your call and it depends on your business operations and requirements whether a traditional office is best for you or a virtual office.  FlexiSpaces is one of the best virtual office providers across India. We have covered all the major cities and our team is dedicated to making the whole shared office experience better for you.

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